Sākshī is a Sanskrit word

that literally denotes he who is blessed with (sa) eyes, or sight and (akṣa) knowledge: Describing an observer, a witness who is not just careful and curious in observing the world around him but also capable of preserving and presenting an authentic impression. 

Sākshī is a Not for profit organisation

founded in the spring of 2019 by a group of scholars from the Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale” passionate about the indian sub-continent (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka).

We believe that the observation and study of culture, of literature, of ancient philosophies, and modern and contemporary cultural and philosophical points of view originating in this area could be immensely beneficial for the world as a whole today 

The fields of interest to our organisation span across the intellectual linguistics, art and archeology, history and politics and extend to cooking, music , yoga, and other banal and mundane curiosities as well.

Sākshī wants

to propose a different perspective, to shed some light on and give a voice to the extremely rich culture of the ancient indian subcontinent, to rise above superficiality false myths and cliches that are at this point deep rooted in the "western " mindset and make its possible for the curious minds of today to absorb a different mindset and and profound at the same time 

The major part of our founders belong toan academic background and are believers in the fact that university like other spaces of education, are temples templi , essential for the study of human experience and its transmission to future generations

Sākshī is an opportunity

through which India, other countries in the sub-continent and Italy, which have the benefit of being connected through the ages through a similar, complementary set of age-old traditions and cultures, can mutually generate stimuli for growth and opportunities for the youth interested in India and its other aspects 

Sākshī addresses

the needs of the youth, a group that finds itself in front of various challenges. We aim to organise activities that increase awareness, promote the study and debate, with the objective of supporting the development of new possibilities in various sectors 

At the same time we was to also appeal to impassioned, curious minds, to academics, to people who are completely unaware and would like a a small taste of India and other countries in the Indian sub-continent.